Volume Discounts for Software Available from tushar-mehta.com

Some of the products available from tushar-mehta.com require a registration key / product license for use beyond the trial period.  Where such a key or license is required, a volume discount is also available.  Please contact me at web underscore contact at-sign tushar hyphen mehta dot com to arrange for payment via PayPal.

The volume discount is an extra 5% on each additional block of 5 licenses/keys.

So, keys 1 to 5 come with no discount, keys 6 to 10 carry a 5% discount, and keys 11 to 15 have a 10% discount.

This continues so that keys 96 to 100 have a 95% discount, and keys 101 or more carry a 100% discount.  Essentially, anything more than 100 keys/licenses is a site license.

To calculate the total cost of a volume purchase of a product, enter the unit price and click the 'Calculate' button